Thursday, December 8, 2011

J. Crew 25 % off Promo!

Hi Everyone!

Oh my, another J. Crew promo!  I decided to grab the Stadium-Cloth Engineer Coat when I was up early this morning.  I really like how this coat looks with bright colors like vibrant flame in the website picture below:

Also, I noticed this morning that the Polka-dot pencil skirt is available on the website.  Given my love for a cute pencil skirt, I had to grab it with this promo too:

I really like this website image too.  And, I think that the red color really makes the skirt pop!

Did you take advantage of the 25% off $150.00 or more promo at J. Crew, or the 30 % off Outerwear promo that ended last night?  Do tell!

P.S.  I have the following J. Crew reviews coming up this weekend:  the No. 2 Pencil in Glen Plaid, the Snowbound Sweater in Heather Jungle, and the Stadium-Cloth Car Coat in Buffalo Plaid. 

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  1. Love the polka dot pencil skirt!! Thanks for sharing. Now I have to go back online.

  2. Oooooh, I can't wait to see a pic of you in that coat! I have had that in my cart a hundred times, lol! But I just really can't justify ANOTHER coat!!
    Hope you'll take some IRL pics! Have a great weekend!

  3. Small Town Gal: no problem!! This skirt is super cute. I can't wait to get this beauty!!!

    Suzy: I will definitely do a review of this coat when I get it! Like you, I have been going back and forth about this coat. Finally, I decided to grab it! Also, like you, I certainly don't *need* another coat, LOL! Have a great weekend!


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