Wednesday, December 28, 2011

J. Crew New Arrivals

Hi Everyone!

I'm really looking forward to seeing the new arrivals on the J. Crew website tomorrow!  I stopped by my retail store today to take a peek at the new rollout.  My store only got 50 boxes, so it was a very small rollout.  We can expect a lot of pretty colors including the Matinee Trench in a Modern Red color!!!

The lovely Fabulous Florida Mommy posted "sneak peek" images of new J. Crew items from the Net-A-Porter site recently on her wonderful blog here .  One of the images Fabulous Florida Mommy  posted is the Pleated A-line Skirt in Ashbury Floral seen here (Note:  this image is courtesy of Fabulous Florida Mommy.blogspot.com):

This wonderful skirt is in the new catalog, so hopefully it will appear with the new arrivals on the website tomorrow.  Thanks for the heads up Fabulous Florida Mommy!!!

Finally, I saw the following skirt in my store today:

This skirt is beautiful IRL; I wish that J. Crew offered my skirt size in store.  I can't wait to try this beauty on!!!  This skirt is styled to perfection in the catalog.

Have you seen the new arrivals in store?  What items are you considering?  Do tell!

Thanks for stopping by!

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