Saturday, December 17, 2011

Review: J. Crew Polka-dot Pencil Skirt

Hi Everyone!

I was super excited when I saw the Polka-dot Pencil Skirt on the J. Crew website a week or two ago.  I decided to grab the skirt recently.  Here is the website picture:

And, here are a few IRL pictures of the skirt:

I really like this skirt.  I'm just hoping that the pattern doesn't add weight to my bottom half.  I definitely don't need any added weight!!

What do you think of the J. Crew Polka-dot Pencil Skirt?  Do tell!

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. I am a big fan of polka dots. The skirt looks good on you! Enjoy.

  2. I love it...hard to go wrong with polka dots!

    BTW...I'm giving you the 'Liebster Blog' award. Check out my blog.

  3. I've never thought of polka dots as adding weight. I thinks it's super cute on you!

  4. Small Town Gal: thanks SO much! I love polka dots too! I can't wait to style this beauty!

    My4Boys: thank you SO much for your comment and for the wonderful blog award!!!! I am SO very honored. I am creating the blog award post now. Thanks again!!

    ifky12: thanks SO much!! Your comment about polka dots not adding weight makes me feel much better!

    Thanks SO much for being here, ladies!!

  5. A!! Thanks SO much! I think that it is a keeper. I'm looking forward to wearing it soon! Thanks for being here!

  6. Y, I don't think polka dots add weight. Not in this case anyway. They're a classic, so you should have it for a long time :)

  7. Gigi!! Thanks SO much!! The skirt is definitely a keeper. I'm looking forward to wearing it with red to make the polka dots pop. Thanks again!!

  8. Hi, Rynetta. I love this skirt and found a new one on Ebay. How does it fit? Does the size run the same as your pencil skirts? Thanks so much!

    1. Hi Beach Chic Girl! I took my normal size in this skirt. I'd say it fits TTS. HTH!


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