Wednesday, January 4, 2012

J. Crew January Jewelry and Shoes Wishlist

Hi Everyone!

I've been eyeing a few pieces of jewelry and some shoes from the most recent J. Crew roll out.  Here are the J. Crew jewelry items on my January wishlist:

I'm a sucker for the bubble necklace.  I'm almost embarrassed to admit that I already own the sweet papaya, modern red, and black colors of this necklace.  That doesn't stop me from wanting this beautiful necklace in the turquoise color too:

I'm also eyeing the Palm Springs Beaded Necklace:

I really like this necklace.  I can think of several ways to wear it.  See shopwithm's review of this necklace on her wonderful blog, Shopping with M, here.

Now, for the shoes:

I LOVE the Viv Flats in the henna color seen here:

These shoes are adorable!  See the Viv Flats on Dinster on her wonderful blog, Shopping on the Fly, here.

Finally, I LOVE the Classic Leather Ballet Flats in Soft Fuchsia seen here:

That's my J. Crew jewelry/shoes wishlist for January!  Whew!  What is on your wishlist?  Do tell!

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  1. Aaaah J Crew is such a good store, we dont have it in the UK so I have to save myself for US trips! lovely blog, great idea. You have a new follower xxx


  2. I love the bubble necklace. So jealous of you owning a few already.

  3. Love all of these! Thanks for the link love too. :) Those pink flats are on my list, but no way on earth I'm paying anywhere near full price (especially now that they've upped it once again!)

  4. I am also coveting the pink flats, and have come close to purchasing them a few times with a gift card that's burning a hole in my pocket! However, I am so irked that they increased the price that I am holding off for now. We'll see how long my resolve holds........ :)

  5. I received the pink ballet flats today. I'm so disappointed because they are too big! I have never bought J Crew flats before so I ordered a 7 which I wear in their heels. I'm going to reorder a smaller size. The color is gorgeous. I need to go down a half size, maybe a full size. Do you know if these shoes stretch?

  6. Now I don't feel back about 2 bubble necklaces. I have red and grey. Totally looking at turquoise! :)

  7. Anna: Welcome! You have a new follower on your wonderful blog too! I hope that you'll get a J. Crew in the UK soon! Thanks for being here!

    Small Town Gal: I love the bubble necklace too! It's really one of my favorite J. Crew jewelry pieces. Years ago, I would avoid the J. Crew jewelry case like the plague. Thanks to my PS, I've learned how to accessorize.

    shopwithm: Thanks! And, you're so welcome! I hear you about the price hikes. I'm blown away and I just don't get it.

    ifky12: I'm right there with you! I keep thinking that I will hold off, but like you, I'm not sure if I can much longer!

    Hollylovescrew: I'm glad you got the shoes! I'm sorry to hear that they're too big. My J. Crew ballet flats have never stretched out so I'm not sure if they will. Please keep me posted. And, will you please email me? I can't access your blog anymore!

    Gigi: Ha! I am really bad about buying multiples. My PS even said that I don't need every color in this necklace. I like them so much though!!!

    Thanks SO much for being here ladies!

  8. Hey Rynetta-I don't blog anymore;( I found it too time consuming as I have 2 very young children and a full time job. I realized I just really enjoy reading other's blogs-like yours;) You guys do such a fantastic job and I LOVE reading everybody's J Crew blogs;)

    I'm going to return the ballet flats this weekend and ask what size they recommend. If they don't stretch, maybe I just need to go down half a size.

  9. Nice Collection. I really like Palm springs beaded necklace. So, i will buy it soon at J. Crew Store.

  10. canny: thanks!! I totally agree with you about the Palm Springs necklace. That necklace is at the top of my list!!!

    Thanks so much for being here!

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  12. Hi I am new to blogging but not to J Crew. I have been addicted for a few years now and I am so happy to see that there are others out there like me! Thank you for all of your helpful reviews, was wondering if you could suggest some styling ideas for the modern red bubble necklace, I managed to pick this on on sale but am a little intimidated by it. Thank you again!

  13. Hi MB!!! Welcome to the blog world! I am SO glad that you're here! At first, I was really intimidated by the bubble necklace until I saw my PS wearing it. The necklace really made her outfit pop.

    My retail PS suggested wearing the red bubble necklace with all black, or with the Schoolboy Blazer in Wool Flannel in Pearl Grey. Also, my PS told me to let the necklace stand as the pop of color. I will create some Polyvore sets if that will help. I hope that helps!

    I haven't worn the red bubble necklace yet, but I will post an OOTD when I do!

    Thanks SO much for being here!!

  14. Hi there and good morning!! Thank you for replying back!!! Looks like my necklace is arriving today so very excited!! I am going to go with your all black or grey suggestions since my closet tends to grow that way :). Can't wait to see your OOTD posts. Thanks again you were very helpful!!

  15. MB: Good Morning! You're very welcome! Please let me know what you think of the necklace!! I can't wait to hear your thoughts!

    Also, Gigi did a post on the Red Bubble Necklace this morning. Her outfit is super cute. Here is the link to her post: http://www.gigisgoneshopping.com/2012/01/j-crew-bubble-necklace.html

    Thanks for being here!


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