Monday, January 23, 2012

Review: Banana Republic Polka Dot Pencil Skirt

Hi Everyone!

The Banana Republic Polka Dot Pencil Skirt has received a lot of love in the blog world.  Count me in on the love for this skirt!!!  Here are a few IRL pictures of the skirt:

I can think of several outfit combinations for this lovely skirt, including pairing it with the gorgeous Banana Republic Pink Trench.

See this lovely skirt on the following lovely bloggers:  Rose of the wonderful 1 More Shopping Blog here and M of the wonderful Shopping with M here.

What do you think of the Banana Republic Polka Dot Pencil Skirt?  Do tell!

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  1. I'm obsessed with polka dots and of course I am in love with this skirt. Looks good on you! However, tried to get it online but they were sold out already. I was checking for the past week and just hoping it to pop back but no luck. May have to go try my luck in stores.

  2. I tried this skirt on yesterday, and I loved it, only thing was I thought maybe there would be no give in it, when I sat down? does that make sense?? There was only 1 size 4 left in the store and I put it back, now I am kicking myself, think I should go get and then decide at home whether it will work for me? Any thoughts thanks.

  3. Small Town Gal: Thanks so much!! I am keeping my fingers crossed that you can find this skirt in a store!! It will look gorgeous on you!!!!

    MB: I totally understand what you mean! I actually tried to find this skirt in a size up from my normal size, but it's sold out online and the store in my city could not locate it. I think that the skirt will stretch out a little. I would grab one and try it out in the house. HTH!

    Thanks for being here!

  4. tiffany rose: I agree, this skirt is super cute!!! And, thanks SO very much for the blog award; you're SUPER sweet!!!

  5. hehehe! I just bought this skirt and am soooo happy with it....so happy, in fact, that I also bought the vneck dress - but scored both on sale :) I was one happy camper :D


  6. Tasia!! Yay!!!! I am so glad to hear that you got this skirt and the dress with the polka dot pattern! Sale scores are the best!!! I wanted the dress too; however, I was nervous that it wouldn't fit me properly. I can't wait to see how you style both items!!!

    Have a great weekend, and thanks SO much for being here!


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