Wednesday, February 1, 2012

J. Crew Wishlist Additions

Hi Everyone!

As usual, I've added a few items to my J. Crew wishlist.  I noticed yesterday that J. Crew has released new colors in two shirts that I love:  the Natasha Top and the Talitha Blouse:

The Gallery Green color of the Natasha top is really vibrant, and it fits nicely into my wardrobe.  Green is really one of my favorite colors, so I'm super excited that it is one of the prominent colors for this spring:

I'm also loving the vintage berry color of the Talitha Blouse:

And, finally, I'm loving the Boy Shirt in Barbados Plaid.  I'm not sure how I missed this shirt when I was in the retail store, but it is a must have for me!  I love the vibrant colors in this shirt:

My wishlist is constantly expanding, is yours?  Do tell!

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. I love the Natasha top in green (though it wouldn't suit me in green but it's beautiful on others) and I'll have to try it. On the top of my wishlist is the Tillary tote but I can't decide which color navy or camel. I really want it in black!!! And I would love to try the Jackie pullover but none of the J.Crew stores close to my home carry it.

  2. hahaha totally agree, my wishlist is always getting longer (and never seems to be getting shorter!). I'm really adoring the Talitha blouse too, its so lovely and feminine. swoon!


  3. Ooh, I totally missed the pink Talitha!!! Ack, my wishlist is growing now too.

  4. Love the pink Talitha. Why do thy keep changing the name of thi shirt. I have he'll out until now but I might have to get this one.

  5. same here, my wish list is getting longer and longer. Poor wallet! The barbados shirt is so nice. Love the color!

  6. Joelle: I think that I want the Tillary Tote now!!! And, I'm with you about the Jackie pullover. I wish that my store had it so I could try it on. I'm considering the warm jade color; however, it's waitlisted until March in my size. Please let me know if you grab the Tillary tote!

    Tasia: I'm glad that I'm not the only person who has an expanding wishlist! And, I love the Talitha blouse!!!

    shopwithm: I missed this color initially too! And, ack is right about the growing wishlist--I feel you!!!

    A: I'm with you about the name change. And, I'm also with you about the pink version of this shirt--it's gorgeous!!!

    Small Town Gal: Poor wallet is right!! I received the Barbados shirt today. I love it, it is really vibrant and lovely!

    Thanks for being here ladies!!!


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