Tuesday, March 27, 2012

J. Crew Wishlist Additions

Hi Everyone!

My J. Crew wishlist just keeps expanding.  Interestingly, necklaces are at the top of my list.  Here are my wishlist additions:

The Cactus Flower Necklace:

This necklace is shown with an orange top on the J. Crew website, which I think really makes the colors in the necklace pop.

I've also added the Flower Patch Necklace to my list:

I'm a sucker for coral, and this beauty will fit nicely into the color schemes in my wardrobe.

I'm all over the Tessellate Necklace; the Succulent Green color of this necklace is just gorgeous:

Finally, the non-jewelry addition to my list is the Chambray Top:

Those are my wishlist additions!  What's on your wishlist?  Is your wishlist constantly expanding?   Do tell!

Thanks for stopping by! 


  1. the cactus flower neclace is on my wishlist too and now that i have seen the other ones,i might "need" the green one too.(it would match my pants today, haha).
    thank you for your nice comment over at respect the shoes.it was very encouraging!

  2. I love all of the necklaces!!!! They too are on my wishlist along with the instore only pinwheel necklace. Have you seen that one, it is in the melon/coral color way?? Please post if you try any of them on, wondering how heavy they are.
    Thanks Rynetta!!!

  3. The chambray shirt seems to be quite popular, now I'm intrigued. I'm not getting the feeling with J.Crew lately and have only ordered suiting lately. Maybe once we get some spring weather I'll find more to love.

    1. I was finally able to try it on, although not in my size. I still want it, now that I've tried it on, although I still don't know what my best size is. Like you, I'm not getting the feeling lately with J. Crew, so if something is catching my eye, I might need to get it.

      Love those necklaces, especially the green one (would look great with the chambray top!).

  4. I saw that Cactus Flower necklace in person on Sunday and it is beautiful! J.Crew's current jewelry collection is putting me in mind of estate costume jewelry from the 50's and 60's, which I love.

  5. The chambray top would be a perfect piece to pair with any of those necklaces!

  6. I like these and am intrigued by the shirt - has been in my shopping cart! They didn't make my recent order - I decided I needed the rococo top and the pink suede ballet flats! The former is expensive but lovely and I am still haunted from missing the giverny skirt in 2008!

  7. Ina: I think that the Cactus Flower necklace is super cute! And, I'm headed to my retail store tomorrow to try the green necklace, so I will post a review as soon as possible. About my comment: I meant every word. I really look forward to seeing your super cute outfit combinations. I love your blog!!!

    MB: I love these necklaces too! I will definitely post pictures when I grab them. I'm not sure that I've seen the in-store only pinwheel necklace, but I'll definitely look for it tomorrow when I visit the store!

    xoxo: I hear you; it's not hard to get J. Crew fatigue with the declining quality. I really want to try the Chambray top, so I may order it really soon.

    cate: I'm looking forward to trying the Chambray Top because, as you point out, I think that it will look great with these necklaces!!!

    Whitney: OOOOOO, I am super jealous, I was hoping that my store would have the Cactus necklace, but they didn't. I'm with you, I'm loving this estate costume jewelry vibe that J. Crew has going on!

    Lisa: I totally agree that any of these necklaces would look great with the Chambray top. I love Chambray; it's just so versatile!!

    WMM: I hear you about what items make it into an order! Like you, I totally can't get over missing the giverny skirt!!!! Please let me know what you think of the pink suede ballet flats and the rococo top!!

    Thanks SO much for being here ladies!!!


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