Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Review: Madewell Holepunch Sidewalk Skimmers in Siberian Red

Hi Everyone!

I received the Madewell Holepunch Sidewalk Skimmers in Siberian Red earlier today.  Like the Madewell Polka-Dot Sidewalk Skimmers, I LOVE these shoes!  I wear flats a lot, so these beautiful shoes will be in constant rotation in my wardrobe.  Here are a few IRL pictures:

See these shoes on the lovely Whitney HERE.

What do you think of the Madewell Holepunch Sidewalk Skimmers in Siberian Red?  Do tell!

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  1. Don't you just love them??? Such a nice, true red :)

  2. how pretty!!! I would be all over them, if not for the fact that I aready have five pairs of red shoes, there is nothing quite like the red shoe to lift up an outfit, right?

  3. They are cute, but unfortunately I cannot wear flats.

  4. Oh dear - these may be added to the list, as I ordered the pencil skirt in chili and have lots of navy that these would like divine in....

  5. I was wondering how the holepunch skimmers looked, so cute!!!
    I really love the read color!!! Enjoy Enjoy

    1. Red color, sorry was typing very early this morning!!

    2. No problem! I do that before I've had my coffee, LOL!!!!

  6. Oh I was just about to ask what colour the dots were but I get it, now!
    They are very cute indeed.

  7. Whitney: I do love these shoes! I knew that I had to have them after I saw your post! I called the store immediately! I wear flats a lot; these red beauties fit nicely into my wardrobe.

    ajc: I'm with you! There really is nothing like a red shoe to add a pop of color to an outfit!!

    Rose: Thanks!! I hear you about wearing flats. I have the opposite problem. Sadly, I can't wear high heels. I'd be all over the J. Crew Valentina Pumps if I could!!

    WMM: LOL! I hear you about adding items to your wishlist; my list is constantly expanding!!! And, yes, these shoes will look great with navy!

    MB: Thanks so much!! I LOVE these shoes! I can't wait until the weather settles down here so that I can wear these babies!!

    Tabitha: Thanks SO much! The dots are my favorite part of these shoes!!!

    Thanks SO much for being here ladies!!!


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