Tuesday, August 14, 2012

J. Crew New Arrivals: A Few More Pictures

Hi Everyone!

I have several more pictures of the J. Crew new arrivals to share today.  Here are the pictures:

The Navy Hen Sweater:

The Tan Color Hen Sweater:

A new Tweed Pencil Skirt:

The lovely ajc reviewed the skirt here.

The Tippi Sweater with Pink/Burgundy stripes:

A Merino Sweater with Piping:

Two new scarves:

The lovely Dina is wearing this scarf in her super cute outfit here.

Anything catch your eye?  Do tell!

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Thanks for the previews. The chicken sweater looks cute, but may be too 'young' for me. What did you think?
    I really like the tweed skirt, but then I love tweed.

  2. That tweed pencil skirt is awesome! It's very thick and really "yarny". It's an acquired taste, but I love it. 70's inspired. My favs were the floral brocade skirt, the pink herringbone schoolboy jacket, the houndstooth schoolboy, and the color block wool crepe shell. Check out my review here

    Your favorite very Personal Stylist!

  3. Thanks Rynetta!

    I like the hen sweater, but for my daughter, not me - too cute for me!

    I have a nearly identical merino cardigan from Pink Tartan from last year - love that kind of look!

    I also love the scarves! Thanks!

  4. The hen sweater is cute, but not sure I'm sold on it. Loving the scarves! Xo

  5. The hen sweater is cute, though I'm not sure its for me. Of course, I love the tweed pencil and the striped tippi. :o)

  6. I think I'm beyond the age limit for a hen sweater. It's cute, but it's (thankfully) not on my wish list. I did get that second scarf, that Dina is posting today, and posted an OOTD on my blog with it last week - I do love that print! So far, nothing urging me to buy. But my VPS tells me there are more reptile/animal print items coming, so I'll be watching for those!!
    Thanks for the pics!!!

  7. Thank you for the link love. :)

    I kind of am digging the black chicken sweater. I may have to pick that one up for the fall season!!!

  8. If I was 10 years younger, that hen sweater would be mine LOL thanks for sharing the pics!

  9. The hen sweater is so cute! Is it a tippi?

  10. Is the chicken...wearing a beret?

    Well, now I HAVE to have it.



  11. I love the pictures.It is so much fun to see all the new pieces!

  12. I tried on the black 'French Hen' (as my PS called it) sweater today. Love it, but like the rest of you, think it's too young for me. It's not a Tippi; the sleeves are full length. Fit seemed the same as a Tippi otherwise. Soooo cute, though!

  13. the hen is so adorable, but i'd have to se if i could pull it off! :P

    thank you for these pictures, R! xox P

  14. Hi rynetta,thanks for the pics!
    I love the navy hen sweater and the striped tippi.

  15. Ooooo thanks for sharing! Loving these sneak peaks everyone is posting :)


  16. thanks for sharing, my heart belongs to J.Crew!



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