Thursday, September 13, 2012

J. Crew Silk Boy Shirt in French Hen, a new Tippi Sweater, and a new scarf

Hi Everyone!

I've been excited about the Silk Boy Shirt in French Hen since the lovely ajc reviewed it here.  Initially, I purchased the hen scarf; however, I like the shirt a lot better.

I'm sure that I'll keep my outfit simple like the website image here:

Here are a few IRL pictures of the shirt (apologies for the blurry images; our camera just didn't want to work earlier):

Also, here is an IRL picture of a new Tippi sweater:

I'm thinking of pairing this Tippi with a polka dot shirt underneath.  However, I'm on the fence about this sweater because of the tan stripes.  I just don't like the color on me.

And, finally, here are a few pictures of a new scarf:

What do you think of these items?  Do tell!

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. I love the silk boy shirt in French hen! When I saw the French hen sweater, it is cute and it's just too much in your face. But the shirt version is a subtle and cute version. I love the tippi but not 100% sold on the color combinations.

  2. OOoooh I am so jealous! And I mean that in a good way. I want that blouse. Hoping to snag one tomorrow, before they're all gone. Thanks for showing!

  3. I also love the shirt--it has so much more longevity than the sweater. I feel like you wear the sweater once and everyone remembers it forever:) The blouse can be worn in a multitude of ways--I think it would be DARLING under that Tippi! Love the scarf, too!

  4. Love the hen shirt on you, but I think you could take a pass on this Tippi. It's nice, but I don't think you love it enough to keep it. There will be something you like more. Thanks for the reviews!

  5. Love the French hen. Not digging that Tippi. The design team should've cut themselves off at a certain colorblocking point. lol The scarf is ok. I saw it and didn't think it really fit in with the current offerings. The style seems like a different store, not J Crew. (shrugs)

  6. this blouse is really adorable, but i'm not keen on the tippi. you have such fantastic other pieces that you just rock.

    xox P

    phiphi's blog

  7. Gorgeous!! This is such a cute design of silk boy shirt in French hen....love it...

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