Thursday, November 8, 2012

J. Crew New Arrivals: A Few Pictures and an OOTD

Hi Everyone!

This is my first time blogging since Sunday.  I worked the election in my precinct on Tuesday, and I am just recovering from both the mental preparation and the actual work.  I LOVE working the elections, but I always feel super exhausted after it's all over.

Here is a picture of my OOTD from today:

I'm wearing the J. Crew Hacking Jacket in Vibrant Orange from last year with a necklace from Francesca's Collections.  

Also, I stopped by the J. Crew retail store earlier today to check out a few new sweaters and a new bubble necklace.  Here are a few pictures of the things I grabbed:

Take A Bow Sweater:

 A Tippi Heart Sweater:

A Tippi  Sweater with Stripes (this one didn't come home with me, but I'm thinking about grabbing it):

And, finally, a new bubble necklace in a mint color.  I know that some people are tired of the bubble necklaces, but I love them!:

Anything catch your eye?

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. I LOVE the blazer/necklace combo! I can't get enough of orange, coral, and orangey-red lately. The Tippi heart sweater is really cute too!


  2. You look awesome, as usual! Thanks for sharing the new items. Love the mint bubble. I am a HUGE bubble fan too - you can never have too many ;).

  3. Did you see the sequin now sweater. Very pretty! I wasn't too impressed with the sweaters in the November rollout, but the holiday line sweaters are looking pretty tempting.

  4. That orange jacket is beautiful, orange is turning into my favourite colour, I don't own anything in it but it's so uplifting to look at.

  5. Oh me! Oh my! That bow sweater is fabulous :) So jealous of your finds!


  6. Take A Bow Sweater is sooooo cute!! I just saw the new arrivals at the J. Crew website. Fighting hard not to get it with the 25% off. The tippi heart is another great find. I love bows and hearts.

  7. I LOVE the bow sweater on you, too cute! Love your look for the elections too! You are such a doll:) xo

  8. The bow sweater is interesting. I haven't seen that one yet. I saw the intarsia bow sweater at both & retail & factory. Both are cute. I think I like the retail one better. Thanks for sharing pics :)

  9. these are such great looks on you!

    Whitney @ wittywhitney.com

  10. You know, I really think the bubble necklace is one of those instant-vintage, heirloom-y type pieces that will always cycle back in style over time. You're smart to grab them. They'll probably be twice the price later.


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