Wednesday, April 24, 2013

J. Crew New Arrivals: What I'm Loving!

Hi Everyone!

I'm super excited to see the new arrivals on the J. Crew website this morning!  Here's what I'm loving:

The Crystal Compilation Necklace (I reviewed it yesterday here):

I'm also loving the Crystal-Encrusted Collar Necklace in White:

This necklace is absolutely adorable!

The Color Collage Statement Necklace is adorable, too!:

I really like the colors in this necklace.

I'm also loving the punk floral print:

I think that this print is unique and super cute!!!

Finally, I'm loving the Merino Tippi Sweater in Stripe Monarch:

I LOVE this design!

That's what I'm loving, what J. Crew new arrivals are you loving?  Do tell!

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. I NEED the crystal compilation necklace after seeing your review. I ordered the monarch sweater, it is so pretty and reminiscent of old school J.crew. Had to try it!

  2. Ah! Must run over and see right now!! Seeing more butterflies only makes me more excited!


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