Thursday, April 11, 2013

J. Crew Store Styling Inspiration and Celebrities Wearing J. Crew

Hi Everyone!

I have a J. Crew store mannequin image to share today, as well as a few images of celebrities rocking the Crew!

Here is the store mannequin image:

I love the idea of pairing the Schoolboy Blazer in Crosshatch Linen with the Citrus Print Perfect Shirt.  The only problem, however, is that the Crosshatch Linen Blazer fits really small in my opinion.  I'd have to size up two sizes in order for the blazer to fit properly.  

Finally, here are a few images of celebrities wearing J. Crew:

Elisabeth from the "The View" is wearing the J. Crew Pop Art Dot Tee and the Stella and Dot Serenity Necklace: 

Here, Elisabeth is wearing the J. Crew Eyelet Top:

Finally, is this the J. Crew Jules Dress that MSNBC political analyst S.E. Cupp is wearing?

Happy Thursday!  Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Love the first pic with the citrus print shirt!
    Thanks for the store styling inspiration,it a little bit like going to an actual store:)

  2. I have the pop art dot tee and pink and really want the blue/green one as well! It fits so perfectly and is such a fun print :) That blazer is so cute too. I don't wear blazers very often since most days I'm wearing a white coat and blazers don't layer well under it, but I sure wish I had more opportunities to wear them!

  3. Thanks for sharing those pics. I too love the citrus with the blazer!
    Looking forward to seeing what you get from the new rollout!

  4. E.H. is wearing that eyelet top so differently than the way J. Crew shows it. It is a loose, flow-y top, but she seems to have it tucked in. I am not sure about the Jules dress - I always confuse that recent paisley Jules with an older J. Crew dress called Terra Paisley. Whichever one it is, I like it. Cute mannequin image too! I can't pull it off, but I like the look.


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