Thursday, May 23, 2013

J. Crew Collection Cashmere Tippi Sweater in Monarch

Hi Everyone!

I snagged the J. Crew Collection Cashmere Tippi Sweater in Monarch earlier today.  I LOVE this sweater!!!

Here are a few IRL pictures of the sweater (my apologies that these pictures aren't the clearest):

The front of the sweater:

A closer view of the butterflies on the sweater:

The back of the sweater:

The side of the sweater:

The buttons on one arm of the sweater on the top:

What do you think of the J. Crew Collection Cashmere Tippi Sweater in Monarch?  Do tell!

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  1. I think this sweater is so cute! Thanx for sharing it! My store did not have it but I did order it with the promo.Would you say the color of the sweater is more of a red or coral? It also looks like it fits just like the punk floral cashmere sweater!

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  3. It reminds me of the carpet at the Encore in Vegas. Love it!

  4. Oooh you're so lucky! It looks great on you. I love the cheerful butterflies and detail on the sleeves. I hope it will make it to the sale so I can snag it too!

  5. Rynetta, This is very pretty on you. I really liked the tippi butterflies but I may hold out for this one. If it hits sale this would be perfect for fall and winter. I can't do wool and cashmere in summer. I would suffocate! Thanks as always for the reviews!

  6. Hi Rynetta, thanks for sharing. I love the pattern on this sweater and on the floral one too but for some reason I don't like it on me, it makes me look bigger and the buttons on the side perhaps drag attention to the width am not sure :(
    I purchased the scarf in floral and thinking of the one in this pattern. Will see. it looks lovely on you. Enjoy it

  7. Oh it is gorgeous!!
    I'm trying to work out whether or not to get the skirt in this print, and as you know, I would like this too!!

    Great purchase!


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