Monday, September 16, 2013

J. Crew New Arrivals: IRL Pictures!

Hi Everyone!

I stopped by the J. Crew retail store earlier today to take a peek at/shop the new arrivals.  I have a few pictures to share below:

J. Crew Collection Brocade Front Sweater:


A closer picture of the fabric/print:

This beauty had to come home with me!

The Jeweled Sateen Shell (my amazing Very Personal Stylists suggested pairing this beauty with the Schoolboy Blazer in English Tweed):

This beautiful top had to come home with me too!  

The J. Crew Jeweled Shoulder Sweater (this is the catalog image, but this beautiful sweater doesn't disappoint IRL):

I LOVE this image!  I can't wait to wear this beautiful outfit!!!!

The Navy with Red Dot Silk Cotton Popover:

This popover fits really well and it had to come home with me too!

And, I don't know the name of the following beautiful blouse:

Anything catch your eye?  Do tell!

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Oooh that tweed jacket with the jeweled blouse is gorgeous!

  2. Oh that sweatshirt is so pretty!!! Do you mind letting us know how much it was? I may have to budget for that one!!!

  3. Thanks for the peaks. Did you see the other color way for the sweatshirt? Curious about that as I look dreadful in green but I like the top.
    The Style Guide arrived in my mail box today with quite a few pretties. I love the coat on the cover, but not sure I can justify it (though perhaps I've already found my holiday gift) and the silk shantung pants in Pinot Noir are dreamy. I've never tried those, but the color looks amazing.

  4. Thanks for the peek Rynetta - now that I see the green close up I am thinking I definitely need the the skirt in the pink/mauve colourway! I cannot wait to see you model this for us!

  5. I loved the sweatshirt as well, though had to leave it there. I didn't see any other colors out, but I think they were bringing more things out. The blouse looks so pretty under the blazer!

    Dina -- the sweatshirt was $118.

    1. Ooh, M, thank you! I think I could make that work. :) Yay!

  6. Oh that sweatshirt is divine!!
    Love the green blouse too.

    Good purchases, Rynetta and thanks for posting pics!

  7. Hi Rynetta. I really like that green sweatshirt! It is on my list for sure. I am loving the sweatshirts this year. Thanks as always for the photos and your picks.

  8. As I commented on IG, LOVE the styling pic with the jewel collar sweater. That needs to be mine. I also really like that polka dot blouse as well as the jewel blouse paired with the tweed jacket! The sweatshirt isn't me, but I'm looking forward to seeing how you and others style it. Thanks for sharing!!

  9. Same, I love the styling of the jewel collar sweater too!! There's a cute colorblock blouse too online....so many interesting pieces this rollout!


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