Monday, November 4, 2013

J. Crew Collection Biella Calf Hair Loafers

Hi Everyone!

I received the J. Crew Collection Biella Calf Hair Loafers last week. I absolutely LOVE these shoes!

Here are two IRL pictures of the shoes:

Please excuse the one foot!  I was rushing!!!  I took my normal size 9. 

What do you think of the J. Crew Collection Biella Calf Hair Loafers?  Do tell!

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. I adore these! They are so lovely on!

  2. Love these! I got my Kiki calf hairs and I love them! Must work on that post tomorrow!

  3. Such beautiful shoes! Elegant and classic!

  4. Gorgeous! I love these shoes on you!

  5. Good morning! I need your feedback, please. I'm debating between the Darby calf hair or the Biella calf hair (if my size comes back in stock or I locate it at a store). Originally, I leaned towards the Darby until the whining diner made a comment about the lack of comfort of her pair on city sidewalks due to a thin sole (at least that's what I thought she wrote). Hence, I turned my attention to the Biella leopard version with the slightly higher heel. I already have the Janey leopard heels and the plain round toe leopard from a few years ago and enjoy using them often (ok, so I have a thing for leopard print!). Since you purchased both pairs, would you kindly voice your opinion? I tend to wear flats a lot and need something comfortable for lots of sidewalk walking. Thank you.

    1. cmg: Good morning! Okay, I really love both, but I'd recommend the Biella Calf Hair loafers if you're on your feet a lot. I think that the Darby loafers are super comfortable, but I can see how they might become uncomfortable if you're walking for an extended period of time in a city. I hope that helps!


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