Friday, December 27, 2013

J. Crew New Arrivals Reviews and What I'm Loving!

Hi Everyone!

I was super excited to see new arrivals on the J. Crew website this morning!  Several of the new jewelry pieces were part of the "early release" items in retail stores last week.  So, I have a few reviews to share too!

Here are the reviews and what I'm loving!:

The Crystal Melange Necklace:

Here are two IRL pictures of this beautiful necklace:

I'm also loving the Stone Burst Necklace:

The Stone Burst Bracelet is also one of my faves!:

Here is an IRL picture of this beauty:

I'm also loving the Mixed Gems Double-Strand Bracelet:

Here are a few IRL pictures of this beautiful bracelet:

The mint bracelet is a layering piece.  And, please excuse my J. Crew Polka Dot pjs, LOL!!!!

Finally, I'm loving the following two shirts:

The Moonglow Paisley Silk Tee:

The Abstract Diamond Popover:

That's what I'm loving, what J. Crew new arrivals are you loving?  Do tell!

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  1. Rynetta, thanks so much for the reviews! I love the paisley tee! I ordered it today, hopefully it works out! Have you tried it yet? I also grabbed the swing sweater, so happy they re-released this!

  2. Ooh, look at those bracelets. Love them. I like the print on the paisley tee,t oo.

  3. Very cute, rynetta! I posted my picks as well.

    Your PJs are cute.

  4. Hi Rynetta! I really like the look of that paisley silk tee. It reminds me of some of their old paisley patterns and it looks wonderful. I am definitely going to check that out when I am in the store to do some returns soon. Thanks as always for modeling these for us.


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