Sunday, January 26, 2014

Banana Republic Dahlia Bouquet Necklace

Hi Everyone!

I have a review of the Banana Republic Dahlia Bouquet Necklace to share today.  This is my first BR purchase in years!  I absolutely LOVE this necklace.

Here are two IRL pictures of the necklace:

Again, I love this necklace!  I'm wearing the J. Crew Tippi Sweater in Deep Riviera in these pictures.

What do you think of the Banana Republic Dahlia Bouquet Necklace?  Do tell!

p.s. I will be back shortly with a review of the J. Crew Jeweled Tuxedo Tank.

Thanks for stopping by!  


  1. That's pretty! Especially with that sweater!

    1. Cate: Thank you SO much!!!! I didn't want to take this beauty off. I love it with this cobalt blue too!

      Thanks SO much for being here!

  2. Wow, BR has been hit or miss for me lately, but this is a hit! It's looks fabulous on you!

  3. Hi Rynetta - I'm buying less of BR's jewelry these days, but I really like their rings. Especially since J.Crew doesn't sell many rings except the Lulu Frost number rings. I also have a lot of their "essential" jewelry such as their stud earrings, and the smaller necklaces (e.g., bar necklace) can be a nice break from big statement pieces. Enjoy your flowers!


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