Monday, February 10, 2014

J. Crew Wardrobe Staples

Hi Everyone!

I thought that it would be fun to share my J. Crew wardrobe staples today!

Here we go!:

The Tippi Sweater:

The Tippi is one of my favorite sweaters.  It's so versatile.  And, the quality is superb.  The J. Crew website is right, it's "the sweater you'll wear with everything. It's soft, flattering and layers well—so you can totally justify buying several."

J. Crew does color and blazers SO well.  I love the Schoolboy.  The fit, quality, and construction are absolutely superb.  It's hands down one of my faves.  

I LOVE J. Crew Pencil Skirts.  I'm hopeful that they will abandon the newest version of this skirt with the seams.

And, finally, J. Crew statement necklaces and ballet flats are major staples in my wardrobe.

I'm loving the Mint Spike Necklace and the Emma Bow Ballet Flats.

Those are my J. Crew Wardrobe Staples, what are yours?  Do tell!

Thanks for stopping by!   


  1. Great topic!
    I think my staples are the boyshirts and popover,the tees with fun sayings and the bracelets!

  2. You have such nice style! My J. Crew wardrobe staples are their vintage crew-neck tees and their coats and jackets. I've been wearing the Wintress Puffer and Cocoon coat all the time these days. When it's warmer, I wear the Boyfriend Fatigue jacket a lot. Their pants and jeans don't work that well for me, but their chino and denim shorts are a major summer staple for me, I don't wear any other brand in shorts. If pajamas can be considered a wardrobe staple, that would be another of mine!

    1. Totally forgot that i wear the puffer and the boyfriend fatique jacket a lot too!

  3. Tippi all the way. I don't wear a lot of blazers, but I would pick the Cece flats and the Cafe Capris, both of which have been replaced! I'm so sad. I hope the new and more improved items are just as great!

  4. I own so many Tippi sweaters! I love them! They're perfect for multiple seasons and can be worn with pretty much anything!

  5. I'm a big, big, big fan of the Number Two Pencil Skirt. I completely agree with you that they need to abandon this new seamed version and go back to what works! I also love their denim and the Tippi Sweater. Great post!

  6. Great post - many of my staples are the same. I am disappointed about the changes to that J. Crew made to schoolboy last year but I've got a good stockpile :) The minnies are also on my multiples list and, since I live in cold climate, my double cloth wool Metro and Lady coats get a lot of use too.

  7. Hi Rynetta! For me it would be the cashmere long sleeve T, the cashmere featherweight cardigan and the Kikis. I have tried the Tippi, but sadly it just doesn't look that great on me! Whenever I buy these three things I am always happy and never feel disappointed as they get continual wear!

  8. Great idea for a post, Rynetta.
    I just bought my first Tippi and School Boy this Fall and love them both. I don't know why I waited so long. The matchstick cords and denim are a three season staple for me, especially in cold winters. I also really like the Andie chinos and plan on adding another color or two for Spring.
    Thanks again!

  9. at some point I would like to try that Tippi sweater and the pencil skirts but as of right now my favorites are whatever I can find on sale! ahaha, for now.... but seriously, Rynetta they really should hire you b/c you always give such great reviews and share amazing styling.


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