Thursday, April 24, 2014

J. Crew Schoolboy Blazer in Floral Linen

Hi Everyone!

I have a review of the J. Crew Schoolboy Blazer in Floral Linen to share.  I absolutely LOVE this blazer/print.

Here are two IRL pictures of the blazer:

Here is a closer picture of the print:

I took my normal size 12 in this blazer.  I love how it's styled in the J. Crew following image:

What do you think of this blazer?  Do tell!

p.s.  I have reviews of the Pencil Skirt in Herringbone Linen and the Floating Gems Necklace scheduled for tomorrow.

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  1. So pretty! I can't tell from the photo of you - where does the length of the blazer hit? It looks kinda short on the catalog shot.? TIA!

    1. Suzy: Thanks SO much! The length of the blazer is similar to the length of other schoolboys. It hits below my hip. I think that the model shot is fudged a bit. The blazer is not short at all. I hope that helps!

      Happy weekend!!!!

  2. It looks particularly nice with that dark ?chambray? shirt.
    Thanks for the review.

    1. maryeb: I totally agree with you. I love that outfit image! I think that it is the Keeper Chambray shirt in dark rinse. I hope that helps!

      I hope that you have a super fun weekend planned!


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