Saturday, May 10, 2014

Celebrities Wearing J. Crew!

Hi Everyone!

I LOVE spotting celebrities wearing J. Crew!  Here are a few recent images I've spotted.

My amazing hubby saw this first one and said, "hey, babe, Erica Hill is wearing a J. Crew skirt that you own."  I LOVE this man!:

Details:  Blouse--The J. Crew Talitha Blouse circa 2011-2012, Skirt (on sale, plus an additional 25% off with code SOGOOD)

Norah O'Donnell wearing the J. Crew Downtown Field Jacket (on promotion for 25% off with code SOGOOD):

Tracy Abbott of the Young and the Restless wearing the J. Crew Mint Spike Necklace here:

Joy Behar is wearing a J. Crew necklace here (I can't remember the name):

And, finally, Aisha Tyler is wearing the popular J. Crew Horsing Around Sweatshirt here:

Have you spotted any celebrities wearing J. Crew recently? Do tell!

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  1. On the Todays show the hosts wear lots of jcrew( tops and necklaces).
    Have a great sunday!

  2. Wow, lucky you. Wished that my husband paid that much attention to what I'm wearing;-)

  3. I saw the Cove floral skirt on Today Show's Natalie Morales. I think it was this past Tuesday. It was fun to see how she styled it.
    Your husband is amazing!
    Thanks for sharing the images.

  4. It was Tuesday. Here's the link to a video where you can see the skirt.

  5. The ladies on Community were always wearing J Crew. My husband would get so annoyed because I'd be yelling out things like , "OH, Annie is wearing the Tippi in houndstooth!" all througout the show. (And I know they're not celebrities wearing them in real life, but still!)


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