Wednesday, June 18, 2014

J. Crew Petal Droplet and Crystal Spike Necklaces

Hi Everyone!

I have a review of the J. Crew Petal Droplet Necklace and the Crystal Spike Necklace to share.

Here is an IRL picture of the Pearl Droplet Necklace:

And, here is an IRL picture of the Crystal Spike Necklace:

I love both of these pieces!  What do you think of these necklaces?  Do tell!

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Greetings Rynetta - It seems like the Crystal Spike Necklace is really similar to the Mint Spike Necklace that came out earlier this year? Can you comment on that? There might be some ladies interested in getting this piece if they missed out on the Mint Spike Necklace and Bracelet. The Pearl Droplet Necklace looks very interesting - kind of fall-like. I hope to see it IRL this weekend. Have a great day! Jennifer

    1. I totally agree. The Crystal Spike Necklace is very similar to the Mint Spike, and the Pearl Droplet Necklace is very similar to the Floating Petals Necklace. And those were only released a season ago! They're pretty, but just so repetitive.

    2. Jennifer D and Roxana: I actually like the similarities. The different colors are striking and not so repetitive in my opinion. But, when I find something I like, I stick with it, LOL!

      Have a great night, ladies!

  2. thanks for the input, rynetta! they do like very nice on you; I've appreciated your reviews of the new jewelry. let's be real - I probably will end up buying everything once it hits sale. that's usually how it goes. ;-)


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