Monday, June 9, 2014

Monday Musings: Handbag Shopping!

Hi Everyone!

I've been looking for the perfect summer handbag, so I thought that I'd share the bags I'm considering.

Here we go!:

How do you choose the "perfect" handbag? Do tell, I'd love to know!

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Greetings Rynetta - I vote the aqua tote or black/fuschia hobo. My handbags must have substantial straps long enough to go over coats so I can be hands-free. I've tried bags with shorter straps that I have to carry by hand or that sit in the crook of my arm, but boy, do they restrict shopping activity (especially at J.Crew!). My bag must also be roomy enough for my wallet, cosmetic bag, sunglasses case, bottle of water and a snack (must stay fed and hydrated during shopping activity!), and an umbrella, but not be mistaken for a carry-on. A small bag or clutch is fine for an evening out, but not for daily use. I have also really come to prefer more structured bags that stand up on their own vs. ones that fall over melt into a puddle on a table or counter as these are easier to find things in. Finally, I'm not sure what's up with large bags that have the over the shoulder handles PLUS a long cross-body strap - I guess it's an extra option, but cross-body bags are meant to be small! I think J.Crew's Claremont Tote is a great option - I've tried the Kirby and some of their other totes, but the shoulder straps are just too short. Good luck! Jennifer

  2. Hi Rynetta! Just wanted to let you know that your pictures are taking a really long time to load lately. I don't know if it's your site or my computer. I like all of those bags but would let the deciding factor (for me) be if it has a shoulder strap and I'd choose the color that goes best with most of my summer wardrobe. They're all pretty! :)

  3. Hmm.. .for me, it's all about practicality. I love bags that I can wear on my shoulder or have a cross body option. I also love big bags and in the past have purchased a smaller size and then kicked myself for it.

    I'm contemplating a large purchase to celebrate my 30th and may have narrowed it down... it's just a matter of finding it!

  4. Hi Rynetta! I love the pink bag in the top left of your pics.

    I usually buy a new bag once ever 4 years or so, but less often if I'm still loving my previous one!
    In my bag collection I have a number of styles and brands, but my absolute favourite is a Mansur Gavriel small tote.
    It's simple, with no bling or big branding. It's light (v important) and yet roomy enough to fit my ipad or macbook, wallet, phone, reading and sunglasses and other random bits and pieces.
    More importantly, I can carry it as a 'hand' bag or as a shoulder bag.
    Good luck in your decisions and let us know which one you go with!

  5. Hi Rynetta! I like the colors of the bags you chose. Personally, I like a bag that can be zipped up or closed completely. I have a few more open type bags and lately they have really been bothering me. Also, like someone else mentioned above I do appreciate a bag that has structure and doesn't slump over when you set it down. So, I think I really like the navy Kate Spade bag the best!


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