Friday, September 26, 2014

J. Crew Crystal Spike Bracelet

Hi Everyone!

I have a quick review of the J. Crew Crystal Spike Bracelet to share.

Here are two IRL pictures of the bracelet:

The colors/design of this bracelet are super fun and striking.  I'm also loving the Crystal Spike Necklace and the Petite Crystal Spike Necklace.

What do you think of this bracelet?  Do tell!

I will be back later today with a review of the J. Crew Schoolboy Tipped Blazer in both colorways.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. So many pretty new jewelry pieces. The bracelet and necklaces will be spectacular additions to your wardrobe.
    I'm looking forward to your reviews of the tipped blazer. I love how it is styled in the October catalog with the sleeveless plaid shirt.

    1. maryeb: I totally agree about the new jewelry pieces. I think that many of them are absolutely stunning. I will post a review of the Tipped Blazers later this evening. Like you, I LOVE the way the Concrete Herringbone is styled in the catalog. The styling is really classic J. Crew!

      Have a great day!


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