Saturday, November 22, 2014

J. Crew Bliss Sweater, Sequin Chevron Tee, Sequin Stripe Tee, and Boyfriend Flannel Shirt in Dark Plaid

Hi Everyone!

I have several reviews to share.

Here we go!:

Hugo Guinness for J. Crew Bliss Sweater:

I took my normal size Large in this sweater, and I love the fit.  However, someone commented on Instagram that they could have sized down one in this sweater.  I'm wearing the sweater with a J. Crew buffalo check shirt from 2010, but it would look great with the Crinkle Check Shirt, too.

Sequin Chevron Tee:

I took my normal size Large in both of these t-shirts.  Typically, I size up in J. Crew tees, but these fit great in my normal size.  

I took my normal size 12 in this shirt.  There is a side slit that will show if you wear a tank underneath.  It does not bother me, but it may bother others.  

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  1. I found the sequins on the sequin stripe tee move out of place easily and flip backwards etc...and when that happens it looks shabby - like there are a few missing unless you are right up close. That was with a couple try-ons. I can't imagine how it would look after dry cleaning/laundering.

    1. sunny: That's really interesting, I did not encounter that at all. The sequins are in place on my tee.

      Happy weekend!

  2. Everything looks great on you! I especially like the Bliss sweater and Sequin stripe tee. They would be perfect with those cute red checkered shoes! :)


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