Saturday, December 6, 2014

J. Crew Elephant Parade and Gold Elephant Tees

Hi Everyone!

I cannot believe it, I bought two more J. Crew elephant pieces.  First, they totally sold me on the Sophie Elephant Parade Loafers, and then they sold me on these two tees.  And, I must not be alone because these pieces are selling fast!  I've reached my elephant limit, but I just couldn't resist these beauties!

Here are IRL pictures of the tees:

Elephant Parade Tee:

I sized up to an XL in this t-shirt.  The Large looked was really small.  I'm wearing this t-shirt with the J. Crew Schoolboy Blazer in Italian Wool Flannel and these pearls.  

Gold Elephant Tee:

I took my normal size Large in this t-shirt.  I'm wearing the t-shirt with the Floral Shield Necklace.

More J. Crew elephant print pieces below:

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  1. The gold elephant tee is beautiful. The online photo does it no justice. I didn't realize there was texture in the elephant. Thanks for the pics. Love it w/the pearls and the gold w/the metal necklace. #gigiapproved ;)

  2. I bought both of these at the store as they sold out online (my orders were cancelled). I also purchased the elephant necklace. Lately, I love J Crew tees. I also have the Cheetah tee and the gold heart tees. They are so easy to pair with cardis and blazers. Thanks for all your reviews (they are so helpful)!

  3. I can't get enough of the elephants…love them! I bought the parade tee the other day but I may have to grab the gold elephant tee too. I'm also still holding out for them to restock my size in the elephant parade skirt.


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