Friday, January 9, 2015

J. Crew Cece Metallic Ballet Flats

Hi Everyone!

J. Crew decided to reissue the Cece Ballet Flats after receiving massive feedback from customers. Many customers expressed their disdain for the Emma Ballet Flats, the ostensible replacement for the Ceces.  I actually like both shoes, but I can totally see how the Emma Ballet Flats might not work for some people.

The newest iteration of the Cece Ballet Flats did not come without controversy.  Many customers have expressed concern that these shoes do not match the quality and fit of the former Cece Ballet Flats.  So, I decided to try the "newer" version for myself.  Here are two IRL pictures of the Cece Metallic Ballet Flats:

I took my normal Cece size in these shoes, a 9.5, a 1/2 size up from my normal size.  I must say that I do NOT see a difference in fit or quality in these shoes.  I placed them side-by-side with my other Cece ballet flats, and they look identical to me.  

Have you tried the "new" Cece Ballet Flats?

J. Crew listened to customers and brought the Cece back, but when will they listen and bring the increasingly popular Bella Jacket back?

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  1. Love the metallic - so pretty! I'm glad to hear that you did not see any difference between the new and the previous version. I have four pair of brand new old style Ceces under my bed but can't wear them until I get my nasty bunion removed. I would definitely buy this metallic version. Thanks for posting the review, Rynetta.

  2. I have been good and have not been shopping since the start of the year. I love the metallic Cece but must resist. I have a few pairs of the old ones that I still wear all the time.

    I wonder how they get feedback on things like this.


  3. Great color. The metallic is bright, but not jarringly so.


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