Thursday, February 5, 2015

J. Crew Indigo Gauze Shirt and Firework Floral Pant

Hi Everyone!

I have a review of the J. Crew Indigo Gauze Shirt and Firework Floral Pant to share.  I love how these pieces are paired together in the Style Guide.

Here is an IRL picture of the combination:

And, here is a closer look at the firework floral pattern:

About sizing:  I sized down in both of these items.  I took a size 12 in the pants and a size 10 in the shirt.

I absolutely LOVE these pants; however, I am totally lamenting the lack of J. Crew pencil skirts.  The firework floral print would look fabulous on a pencil skirt.  The Collection Sequin Firework Floral Skirt is stunning, but it is too dressy for my lifestyle.....I think!

Have you tried any of these pieces?

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. I just bought these pants and I will totally steal the way you styled it! :)

    I agree - this would have been fabulous in a pencil skirt.


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