Saturday, May 16, 2015

J. Crew Mirror Metallic d'Orsay Loafer Flats

Hi Everyone!

I was a bit hesitant to try the J. Crew Mirror Metallic d'Orsay Loafer Flats because I could not decide if I liked the tassels.  I am super glad that I decided to try these beauties!  These shoes are gorg.org!

Here are two IRL pictures of the shoes:

I took my normal size 9 in these shoes.  I have really been loving metallic shoes lately.  I did not realize the versatility of metallic shoes until I started putting multiple outfit combinations together.  I highly recommend these beauties.  And, they're 25% off!

More "d'Orsay" options:

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  1. The tassels are the best part! They look great. :)

    1. Gigi: I totally agree with you! I'm not sure what I was thinking, LOL!

      Thanks SO much. I hope that you have a fun and relaxing weekend planned!


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