Thursday, July 16, 2015

J. Crew Collection Faux-Wrap Skirt in Watercolor Mosaic

Hi Everyone!

Somehow, I missed the J. Crew Collection Faux-Wrap Skirt in Watercolor Mosaic when it first appeared on the website.  And, sadly, the skirt sold out in a size 14 immediately because errrrrrrr hmmmmmm, J. Crew orders super small quantities in size 14s and 16s, unfortunately.  But, my amazing VPSs tracked this beauty down for me.  Specifically, my amazing Cincinnati VPS.  She called me as soon as someone returned this beauty, and the rest is history!

Here are three IRL pictures of the skirt:

And, here is a closer look at the pattern:

I took my normal size 14 in this skirt, so the fit is TTS.  The skirt is great quality; the material is sturdy and it holds its shape really well.  As one reviewer points out, the pattern is really a work of art.

Styling Details:

The website image features the skirt with the gorgeous J. Crew Roxie Iridescent Foil Pumps.  A girl can dream about wearing these high heels, right?!?! 

The Watercolor Mosaic Dress is super cute, too.  The dress is currently sold out, but as we know, things get returned.  So, keep checking the website if you're interested!

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  1. What luck, that skirt looks like it was made for you! It's so gorgeous. And, that is one terrific VPS.
    I'm so glad I can see your IG photos. I've been having lots of fun scrolling through all that I've been missing. I have to admit, though, 'liketoknowit' drives me crazy. Perhaps it's because I don't have an instagram account.
    Thanks for sharing!!

  2. Your VPS goes that extra mile for you. I really need to go in the store and have an VPS - I always feel so neglected at my local store. I think they probably don't like me there since I mainly just online returns.


    Would love for you to stop by & join TBT Fashion link up.


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